What do you need for your new dog

You are getting a dog? That’s awesome news! You’re in for a lot of fun and games. But a dog also requires some preparations. You’ll want to doggy-proof your house, and make sure that your new furry friend has everything it needs. So you will need to buy a variety of equipment and accessories before you are ready to take your dog home. Luckily pet stores, like Vetsend, are filled with everything you need. But how do you know what’s really important? Below is a list of some of the basics that you can’t do without. Everything you need to ensure that your new friend will feel right at home, and welcomed into its new family.

Dog toys

First of all, you will need some dog toys. Yes, toys are important. Dogs get stimulation from playing with toys, and they’ll soon turn into a recognizable, safe, feature in a new environment. Please, don’t bother buying twenty different toys at once, but a little variety is good. Think about chewing toys, dog balls, fetching toys and plushes. You can always expend the collection later, once you’ve noticed which toys your dog gravitate towards. And for your own sake, also search for toys that are easy to clean, and almost impossible to destroy.

Dog collars and leashes

One of the most important things your dog will need is a leash and a collar. Obviously, you don’t want to buy collar and collar, so it’s important to choose quality here. Ergonomic collars for example, offer the most comfortable solutions. It makes sure it can’t cause harm to your furry little friend. Or you might want to choose a harness, which also ensures that your dog is comfortable at all times. Whether you choose a collar or a harness, please don’t forget to add a little dog identity tag to it. Just in case.

Food and water bowls

Of course you’ll sometimes slip your own food to your furry friend, but it still needs its own dedicated food and water bowls. One bowl for food and one bowl for water is recommended, but you could buy an extra one for times on the road or at other people’s homes. Stainless steel is the best option, as it doesn’t harbor bacteria. And it’s easily washable.

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