Things To Know About Dog Boarding Services In Philadelphia

Finding doggy daycare and boarding services in Philadelphia shouldn’t be a hard job, thanks to Google. However, not all services that promise the best care for your pet are same. No matter the reason, if you are stepping out of town and need to find an overnight dog boarding Philadelphia, below are certain things worth knowing.

  1. Daycare may not be same as boarding

In case you didn’t know this, dog daycare may not be same as boarding. Some daycare facilities only have services for the daytime, and not for overnight stay. Boarding facilities, on the other hand, usually have daycare services.

  1. Reviews do matter

When you are comparing dog boarding services anywhere, you have to consider the reviews. Besides asking your fellow pet owners for references, make sure that you check for independent feedback and reviews online. Keep in mind that some franchises can be trusted better than services you have never heard about.

  1. License and insurance are musts

A dog boarding service should be licensed and must have insurance. Do ask about that in advance, and another thing that needs attention is a building emergency plan. Note that you will be away for at least a day or two, and safety of your dog should be your first priority. Check their evacuation plan in detail, if possible.

  1. Vet-on-call is a must

It is not unusual for a dog to fall sick or lose appetite in an environment unknown to it. As such, you would want the facility to have at least one vet on call at all times. They should be able to arrange for medical assistance, without any delay, and if you can, ask for the number of their regular vet as a precautionary measure.

  1. Your dog needs activities

Boarding doesn’t mean locking up the pet in one room. You need to ensure that the boarding facility has professional handlers, and there are enough activities to keep the dog busy. Ask about this and find out if your dog will be socializing with other dogs. If your pet is sensitive to certain things, let the handlers know.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and check for dog boarding services in Philadelphia. You can always choose to rely on reviews, but ask the right questions. There is no point in taking a risk, because dogs are sensitive animals and need special care, especially if this is their first time at a boarding.

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