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Mid Back and Hock Issues

The Hock of the horse may be the physiological equal to your heel and Calf msucles. Muscle just over the hock could be comparable to your calf muscle. Many occasions I see proprietors obtaining the hocks injected for swelling and inflammation. The injection is ideal for lowering the discomfort and swelling what concerning the cause. You heard right the reason… What about the reduced back. The hock issue may cause stress on the reduced back and also the mid back can put stress on the hock. Many proprietors never discover why the hocks still get inflammed.

The reduced back might have subluxations as well as muscle strain that will cause your horse to push harder from the hock. Sometimes a veterinarian may let you know it’s a conformation problem combined with work you’re asking of the horse. This can be true in some instances but what you can do to reduce the strain and resultant inflammation? This usually involves obtaining the hocks injected periodically.

You need to consider it by doing this… the hock inflammation is really a symptom and injecting the symptom doesn’t fix the reason, ie spraying water around the smoke detector rather from the fire elsewhere in the home. So what you can do? Many occasions there might be a subluxation complex inside the sacroiliac [pelvic joint] inhibiting collection and adding hock stress. Sometimes there might be a muscle problem with trigger points inside the calf muscle equivalent causing tension within the Calf msucles. This Calf msucles tension may lead to abnormal hock movement and inflammation.

The stifle may actually have a hands within the altered movement. To increase all this there might be also a lesser cervical [neck] subluxation causing erroneous biomechanics within the spine and transfer the abnormal weight shift of the horse towards the hocks. Finally there might be a hoof issue resulting in the problem too. What else could you do about all of this. Well to begin with beyond hock injections getting an Equine Chiropractor evaluate your horse for subluxation and biomechanics together with your farrier is imperative. The biomechanics [the way your horse moves] from the entire horse is frequently never addressed. If there’s no inborn abnormality inside the hocks [rare] or perhaps a disease process then your cause should be biomechanical as well as your chiropractor and farrier are experts in this subject.

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