How to Choose the Best Dog Dryer

Dog dryers are perfect for your four-legged friend because they produce heat but don’t dry out the skin. You need something that will help the fur stay healthy while keeping your little one comfortable. Think of the efficiency and how dogs adapt to the sound of the dryer. Here are some tips to help you choose the best dog dryer.

Picking a Canister Dog Dryer

If you have a dog that likes to move around, a canister dog dryer works best. It has multiple attachments to get quality airflow to your dog in a short time. Also, these are lightweight and portable.

If your dog runs into some water or goes through a puddle, you can dry them right away. These come equipped with a groomer’s rake to help you get leaves and other things out of the fur.  When you have an active pup, a canister dog dryer is something you need in your arsenal.

Have an Adjustable Stand Dog Dryer

If you need to be more hands-on with your dog, you need this type of dryer. You can angle the dryer to hit the damp sections of the dog’s fur. Then you can groom and massage the dog at the same time.

It’ll help him relax, and you can speak to him while he’s drying off after his bath. Also, you can change the setting to a cool-down session to keep the dog from getting dehydrated. It’s an excellent method to keep the fur intact.

High-Pressure Dog Dryer for Wet Dogs

If you’ve been swimming with your dog or it got caught in a bad storm, you don’t want to leave the dog wet and smelly. Bacteria sets in and can make it unpleasant to be around your furry friend.

A high-pressure dog dryer helps quickly dry the inner and outer coat of your dog’s fur. Just be careful and not use the dryer near the heart and kidneys, especially with older dogs.

Before you dry your dog, you should wipe him down with a clean towel first. It’ll make drying a lot easier. Blot the fur to keep it from getting tangled. Talk to a groomer for advice to help you use a dog heating fan to keep it safe from harm.

A groomer knows the best dryer to use on your dog that would accommodate its fur and size. Getting this advice will help you save time and money to keep your dog well-groomed.

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