Four Popular Dog Training Methods

There are a lot of dog training methods out there and it can be confusing to determine that best one for you and your dog. In fact, you can choose between physical and online dog training. However, being aware of the most popular training methods will help narrow your choices down.

These include the following:

Positive Reinforcement

With this method, dogs will repeat good behavior when it is followed by a reward. If correct should take place, it comes in the form of removing rewards such as a treat or toy. Physical punishment and harsh reprimands are not necessary.

This starts with rewarding the desired behavior right away within seconds after it takes place. This will let the dog associate the behavior with the reward. This method can be combined with another training method called clicker training to give the dog a distinct sign of the specific behavior demonstrated. It is important to make short commands such as sit, come, and stay.

For positive reinforcement to be successful, it requires consistency. Thus, everybody in the household must use the same commands and reward system.

Clicker Training

This dog training method is also based on operant conditioning and depends heavily on the same principles as positive reinforcement. It depends on the use of a device to make a quick, sharp noise like a whistle or a clicker signal to a dog if it accomplishes a wanted behavior. This method signals the specific moment the desired behavior is finished and the exact reward. This is the ideal method for shaping new behaviors and adding verbal commands.

This training method must begin with conditioning the dog to know that a click means a reward is coming. This lets the dog associate a behavior with a click and a reward. Trainers can introduce the verbal command to form a new association.

Dominance Training

This training method depends on the instinctual pack mentality of a dog to create a relationship of dominance and submission. It suggests that dogs see their families as their packs and follow a social hierarchy. If a dog sees itself as the alpha, it must learn to respect their human as the alpha and submit. In general, trainers don’t let their dogs on furniture with them, including the bed. Also, they do not get down to the eye level of their dog. The reason is that these indicate that the dog has equal standing in the relationship.

Electronic Training

This method depends on the use of an electric collar that delivers a shock or a spray of citronella every time a dog is doing a desired task. It is used to train a dog at a distance when a leash cannot be used. For instance, trainers can use shock collars to train a dog to stay within the boundaries of an unfenced yard.  But, this method depends on punishment for bad behaviors instead of rewards. Trainers who will use an electronic device should consult a professional about proper use and consider an alternative way to correct behavior.

Author Bio – Odell Holiday has written for many websites. He’s the husband of Cheri who runs her own business, and father of two boys and a girl. He’s also best friends with his German Shepherd, Gizmo.

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