Essential Tips for First Time Cat Owners

As a cat mum of many, I am rather proudly turning into the epitome of the ‘crazy cat lady’ stereotype, so hopefully I can impart some wisdom onto you first-time cat owners. Bringing a cat or kitten into your home is an extremely exciting time, however, there are a few things to consider and prepare for before letting your furry friend into your life.

Research your feline friend 

Bringing a cat into your home shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Research different cat breeds’ personalities to see which will fit into your lifestyle in order to find your perfect match. Be sure to consider who else is in your home and if you have children, it’s worth having a conversation that the new addition is not a toy, but a treasured member of the family.

Get acquainted with your local vet 

Explore Veterinary practice options in your area. Not only will you then be prepared if their vaccination history is unclear and they need a visit, but it’ll also give you peace of mind.

Assemble the essentials 

For such small animals, cats require quite a few items which are essential for their happiness and wellbeing. Although there are many litter box options, you can’t go wrong with unscented litter in a spacious litter tray, placed somewhere your cat can easily access. Picking up cat food in advance is also necessary, which is available in either dry or wet form depending on needs and preferences. A scratching-post is also important so your cat can satisfy their natural instinct to scratch to release tension, without ruining your furniture.

Cat-proof your home 

Before your new family member crosses the threshold, it is important to tidy away things that could be dangerous to your new buddy. Cats are extremely impressive climbers so make sure there is no way for your cat to get up on dangerous surfaces. You certainly don’t want them destroying anything or harming themselves, because that would be a cat-astrophe – I couldn’t resist littering at least one cat pun in here somewhere.

Make your cat’s new house a home 

Cat’s love climbing, so in order for your cat to safely express themselves, then a Cat-tree is a must. Cats tend to love toys that mimic pray to appeal to their hunting instincts, so bird and mice toys are a great choice. Be sure to get in some quality play time with your cat every day to keep them happy.

Arrival day 

Moving home can be distressing for your new cat, therefore, you want to make your cat feel safe and welcome so they can settle into their new surroundings. Using a Feliway diffuser can help cats feel relaxed in their new environment, as it mimics the ‘feline facial pheromone’ which can be extremely comforting. It is also important to establish some sort of a routine, especially with regards to feeding time. Cats are notoriously greedy, so only serve your cat the

recommended portions to maintain a healthy friend.

All the items needed to prepare for your new arrival are available here, where you can also find expert advice to help you with your new arrival.

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