Does Your Cat Need Health Insurance?

If you love your cat so much that you would do anything to keep it healthy, then you should certainly consider getting it health insurance. Both indoor and outdoor cats can suffer from a number of health issues, although the second group has a higher risk of accidents and injuries.

Either way, it is best to get pet insurance for your cat just to be on the safe side and make sure your furry friend lives a long and healthy life.

Does Your Cat Need Health Insurance?

Yes, your cat needs pet insurance, regardless if you allow it out of the house or not. Through a health insurance plan for your cat, the insurance provider will reimburse a major part of your pet’s veterinary bills. Through a good cat insurance plan, you will protect both your pet and your wallet.

As a policyholder, you will be significantly reimbursed for many eligible medical procedures. It is wise to insure your cat when it is young and healthy. Older feline pets could miss some important insurance benefits if, for instance, they have preexisting health issues.

Why Your Cat Needs Health Insurance

There are multiple reasons why your cat needs health insurance:

  • Cats, unlike many other pets, are good at hiding their symptoms or illnesses. By nature, cats are sedentary pets so, it is harder for the owner to notice a problem as soon as it appears;
  • Even if you keep your cat indoors all the time, it is still at risk. Accidental indoor injuries might occur. Also, not allowing your feline pet to go outside it doesn’t protect it from many common health issues such as digestive problems, diabetes, kidney failure, and many other conditions;
  • The cost of your cat’s treatment is just too expensive not to get cat insurance to cover most of those vet bills. Overall, cats might need fewer visits to the vet during their lifetime, but when they suffer from an injury or illness, the total cost can go up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars;
  • Getting health insurance for your cat is cost-effective and filing a claim doesn’t increase your premium. Also, there are plenty of pet insurance plans that you can choose from for your cat;
  • Cat owners who got health insurance for their furry companion can afford almost five times the vet care and visits compared to those who didn’t get pet insurance.

Does Your Indoor Cat Need Regular Checkups?

Yes, you should take your cat to regular vet appointments since the beginning. Kittens need more frequent vet visits because of the set of vaccines they must go through while healthy adult cats need an annual checkup for preventive care. Naturally, older cats might require a higher number of checkups, based on their age, breed, and more.

How Often Should You Take Your Cat to the Vet?

Compared to dogs, cats are pretty independent creatures which is why many cat owners assume that all their pets need is being fed properly. Some even think that cats are low-maintenance or even maintenance-free which is not really the case.

Cats, just like dogs, need regular checkups but, based on their growth stage and age, they need a different type or level of veterinary care. This can save or prolong your beloved pet’s life.


Normally, kittens should be well-protected due to the antibodies they consume from their mother’s milk. So, they are temporarily immune and shouldn’t deal with infectious diseases. That immune level doesn’t stay the same though, which is why you should get your kitten vaccinated to prevent conditions such as rabies, distemper, and other problems.

This series of vaccines normally start when the kitten is around 6-8 weeks and they are regularly administered until the pet turns 16 weeks old. It is always best to seek your vet’s opinion and recommendations. The first visit to the vet is an excellent opportunity to talk about the proper time to neuter or microchip the cat.

Annual Checkups for Adult Cats

Until the age of 7, young adult cats need yearly checkups to prevent certain conditions. The vet will observe any potential problem by scanning your cat, from its nose all the way to its tail. Detecting problems early will increase your pet’s longevity. Senior cats should be taken to the vet twice per year.

Does Your Cat Need Health Insurance? Bottom Line

It is always a good idea to get pet insurance for your cat. This allows you to save a lot of money, take good care of your cat’s health, and offers you peace of mind in case your furry friend gets sick unexpectedly or requires emergency vet care.

Before choosing the best cat insurance company you can find, make sure to consider certain aspects like the provider’s monthly premium, annual deductibles, annual maximum coverage, and reimbursement level.



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