Choosing the Best Jacket for your Dog

In terms of nature-made protection against the elements during the cold months, some dogs are better equipped than others. Dogs vary in shapes and sizes and have different hefts and kinds of fur that can influence the way the cold impacts them. Some dogs tend to have more insulating body fat than others. The capacity of your dog to stay warm outside in the winter depends on its size, breed, and age. However, the main determining factor for whether your dog needs a jacket or a hurtta rain blocker is the dog itself. Keep reading to know how to choose a dog jacket:

Which Breeds Need a Dog Jacket

Some dog breeds are naturally prepared for even the coldest weather with their ample coats of insulating hair. These include the German Shepherd, the Malamute, the Saint Bernard, and the Siberian Husky. If you own one of these breeds and he is young and healthy as well as has a beautiful coat, he may not need a jacket. However, if you own the Greyhound, the Chihuahua, the French Bulldog, and other terriers or pinschers, you have a vulnerable fur friend. Lean, short-haired breeds find it hard to generate and retain heat by themselves and would want an insulating, waterproof jacket on cold days. Dogs with bellies close the ground such as the Corgi or the Dachshund require extra protection from snowy paths and frigid sidewalks. Small breeds and those with very short or think hair need the extra warmth of a dog jacket or sweater when taken outside in the cold.

Choosing Dog Harness Materials

When it comes to jackets, what matters the most if your dog’s comfort. The best material for dog coats might be wool since it is warm but it can also be itchy. Also, it can be hard to wash. You might want to consider a poly blend. If your area is prone to snowy or wet weather, pick a water-resistant or waterproof dog jacket. A fleece lining sweeter is warm and comforting.

Dog jackets should have parts the dog can chew off and swallow. Find zipper-less designs that do not have hooks, tags, or buttons. Your dog deserves to wear a jacket that it likes. After settling on a jacket that seems to work, check out for any spots on its body that suggests the jacket is rubbing it the wrong way. You will have to start over with a different jacket until you can find the perfect one for your little friend.

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