10 Questions to Ask Before Boarding Your Pet in a Kennel

One of the stressful realities of owning a pet is having to find a trustworthy kennel when you travel. Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, you will be seeking the peace of mind that your beloved pet will be safe and happy. Choosing the right kennel to board your pet is all about asking the right questions and evaluating your different options. Keep reading as the Toureen kennel experts share more.

1. Where should I look for a quality kennel?

Your veterinarian is an excellent start for trustworthy recommendations since they hear plenty of opinions from the local pet owners they talk to all day. You can also try asking other pet owners you know. If you can’t get a personal recommendation, then head online to get some guidance from reading reviews of local kennels.

2. Should I choose a kennel that is certified?

The certification process is expensive and complicated, which is why not every kennel participates. Still, having certification from the Pet Care Services Association is a good sign that this is a responsible facility.

  1. Should I take a tour of the kennel?

    A visit has to be part of the decision of choosing your pet’s temporary home. For example, a bad odor is a major red flag of poor maintenance. You should see that the kennel is clean, well-lit, and not overcrowded. Your visit is also a great time to meet the staff and ask questions.

    4. What should I look for in the kennel staff?

    Meeting the people who will care for your pet should make you feel more comfortable about the prospect of leaving them there. The staff should be kind, patient, and friendly.

    5. Should the kennel have a particular schedule?

    The facility should be able to let you know about how the pets are taken care of overnight. Ask them about whether someone will be on the premises and what measures are taken to ensure the safety and security of the pets.

    6. Should the kennel have specific exercise programs?

    With dogs, the kennel must ensure adequate playtime. Ask the staff about how much time the dogs get to exercise and what kind of walking service is available. It’s also ideal for dogs to be divided by size when socializing with each other. A kennel that doesn’t have a good system for your dog’s playtime is not the right choice.

    7. What are some safety concerns to keep in mind?

    You should first evaluate the space for red flags like torn fencing or bent wire, as these can be dangerous for your pets. Aside from that, ensuring the staff is caring and attentive is the best safety insurance.

    8. Should My pet get certain vaccines before being boarded?

    For a definitive answer, talk to both your vet and the kennel. It’s common for dogs to get immunized against rabies, adenovirus, and distemper, among others. For cats, recommended shots can include rabies and calicivirus.

    9. What should I do if my pet has a medical problem?

    If your pet has a health condition or disability, have an in-depth conversation with the kennel. You need to assess whether the facility is equipped to meet your pet’s needs.

    10. When is getting a pet sitter the best choice?

    If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, they might not belong in a kennel setting. Getting a pet sitter that can take care of them in your home may be a much better choice than boarding. The same is true for pets that don’t get along well with other animals. Overall, if you think the kennel experience will be very stressful for your pet, you should try to find a great pet sitter instead.

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